The worst kind of witch; the kind that cleans

This quote stolen from the film Howl’s moving castle has become increasingly applicable to myself over the past few weeks. We went from “I’ll just tidy it up a little” after exams to the “I’m just going to sterilise it” blitz two weeks ago to “We can’t have possibly run out of bleach again!” moments this morning.

The running total so far comes to the kitchen being scrubbed within an inch of its existence approximately four times. This went as far as to scrub the stickers off the fridge along with the grubby marks, and get ever so slightly high from oven cleaner. The first round of kitchen madness apparently caused Lydia to vanish for an entire weekend. Although as anyone who has ever visited our house will tell you, the task of maintaining our kitchen in a clean state is a thanklessly impossible task. Even if you write patronising things on the whiteboard.


This lead to sterilising the bathrooms, in which I changed the colour of one set of lino. Apparently the black wasn’t part of the pattern, whoops! I cleaned things which we’re sure had never been cleaned before including the blinds in someone else’s room and shampooing all the carpets. We even got a pretty little plant and I weeded the front garden.

I turned into the cleaning witch and still haven’t stopped. Here’s hoping my own little blog of intervention will stop me cleaning the house until it vanishes or forever smells of bleach.


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