99 Luftballoon- Plus a few more…

So Post exams is a time to relax get drunk and have fun, well for the girls of Straithnairn our celebrations are rather different. Seeing as Sam serially leaves his room unlocked, although I rather suspect that to no longer be the case, Lydia and I express ordered 600 balloons from amazon. 


This weekend I have proved I have mutant lungs with my ability to blow up just under 600 balloons in an effort to fill Sam’s room in the time it took me to watch 3 films. All of this was done without a pump. We filled every nook and cranny we could find, from the wardrobe to under the desk and then I filled the rest of his floor…… until it was waist high at the door and much deeper at the other end of the room. There were so many balloons in fact that they have been popping under their own weight since Friday night.Image

To give some forewarning to Sam we added a little sign to his door. All it really served to do is increase the dread when Sam came to actually coming home. He opened his door and shouted “BALLOOOOOONS”, surprisingly Sam isn’t currently about to kill me and has taken this as a challenge to see how long he can live with around 550 balloons in his room. It took him 10 minutes to find his shoes, so life may be interesting in the near future.



There were some balloons left over as the long thin ones were so hard to blow up I nearly fainted. I left those out after a while. Leaving them on the side in the kitchen lead to Jacob creating four water balloons. I managed to intercept this plan before they ended up in Sam’s room with all the rest. 2 ended up in the freezer, 1 ended up in Stu’s bike and the last one got very gratified to be one of the most scary and phallic things I’ve ever seen. It died by being thrown at Muaaz after it failed to explode when it fell out the fridge onto his feet. The huge block of ice from one balloon ended up being very fun and glided about on its own melt water. Muaaz and Heidi smashing it lead to the neighbors thinking we’re insane as they were shouting about rainbows and how unicorns were made.



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