That thing you call ‘SUN’?…

So, on Stu’s food day there were left over scotch bonnet / death chillies in the fridge. So naturally he was persuaded by Jacob to add pure fire to his chilli. A few of us were forced to back down from the challenge whereas Jacob just used it to ‘refuel his fiery pits of hell’. People are full on revision mode now since the exams are well under way and people are revision-turtle-ing in the house.

This weeks G.O.T day had a few of us sitting down to watch it and I have to say, what an episode!( Although I don’t think anybody else appreciated the torrent of ‘that wasn’t in the books’ that was coming from Sam (me) but I don’t care).

The first exam was around a week ago and Jacob blocked league of legends from the house (and steam) before that, probably for Sam’s benefit. He briefly lifted the block for 48 hours so Sam had a respite from that tyrannybut the wi-fi is in shackles again until the exams are over.

Also on an unrelated but equally unbelievable topic, Wales is sunny?! Well that was unexpected, I mean that never happens here. We seem to be taking it in turns to lounge in the rays of brightness that hurts the eyes and it is fairly nice to revise in the fresh air. Although that being said, Jenny ‘may be secretly ginger’ due to the fact that she can burn in the time it takes to go to boots at the end of the road and get sun-cream. I am fairly sure that there is some kind of irony there. Due to the great weather, the house had a small BBQ for tea yesterday, trying to multi-purpose it into a furnace for steel and being fairly successful.

Overall, the end of exams will be an extremely fun period for everyone and we are all looking forward to it. There probably won’t be any more posts from me for a while, but we will see when the mood to procrastinate strikes me next.


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