Procrastination for the Strathnairn nation.

So, with exams  coming up the pressure is on. The house has been decidedly split in their goals between doing the revision that they blatantly need to do and… well… not doing it. Procrastination has infected the house, with cycle rides becoming frequent for Stu and Jacob to long stints at playing guitar from Muaaz. 

Sam (ME!) got so bored that he cleaned his room to the point that it sparkled and between that, the eating random bits of food and one of those addictive timer games where you have to wait to do anything ever that he now plays, he has managed to kill a lot of useful revision time.

There was a game of thrones watching session that killed a few hours for most of the house although Jacob is still feeling the hole left in his heart from where Joffrey was brutally murdered right before his eyes. We have also taken up watching the usual horrors again, with ‘Paranormal Entity’ making its way into Jacobs possession. Also after finishing the ‘black mirror’ series, we have taken up the series named as ‘Inside number 9’ which is really really good. I made the fatal mistake of admitting that I have never seen ‘Terminator’ so obviously I will be press ganged into watching that at some point.

Lydia has brought back her usual insomnia habits, although I think she may have gotten a lot of revision done as I haven’t heard much procrastiflute playing. (Really hope it is a flute that she plays, I know nothing about music things) procrasticlarinet. Her and Jenny though have been trying out clothes, which is unheard of from them and done. Jenny is going out to dance a lot (as in every single one) as her revisory stammer but judging by the state of her room (:P) you would imagine that she has done quite well on the ‘resisting doing anything but revision’ front. Wrong, she has got the room tidying to go as she has managed to go a step further than me and iron every single piece of clothing she owns. probably her sheets too. (:P).

I mentioned earlier that Muaaz procrastinates by playing guitar. He is great at it and the best thing is he has ended up playing the game of thrones theme song over and over again. As a fan I love it, so +1 for Muaaz. Stu has kept his head down as well, working hard or at least procrastinating quietly so there isn’t much for this post to talk about.

Overall the house as a whole is well prepared to deal with the exams that are staring us down regardless, due to the fact that however much we procrastinate we put even more effort at revision… although… ah… yeah…


Doing this post is kinda procrastination in its self… I’ll be off now…


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One response to “Procrastination for the Strathnairn nation.”

  1. straithnairneverse says :

    love it Sam 🙂 although I miss procrastiBAKING 😛


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