Success and not so much.

So, after a week on tinder, the novelty has worn off on some of us. All three of us have had varying degrees of success with a fair few more than hilarious incidents happening along the way. We are yet to convince Stu to join the fold, although the chances of that happening are about the same as the chances of hitting a bulls-eye whilst blind-folded, spun around a few times and a concrete dart to throw (So small).

Ironically the two of us who decided to go on tinder as a joke have had great success and have been inundated with people to keep them company. Jenny so much that she got bored of meeting new people and decided that revision was a better idea with the exams coming up. She had loads of matches almost instantly and went quiet for a few days whilst chatting to her various matches.

Jacob originally had a troll account and asked a few poor girls if they wanted to take part in various odd activities with him. He currently holds the record for being blocked the quickest. After getting bored with alienating the community, he decided to create a serious account and started swiping. The matches started coming in fast. He has had a number of girls who are very keen on talking to him and has been asked out by an apparently lovely girl who is clever enough to completely stump him on the conversation front. Which takes a lot. 

Sam has had very little success with tinder and after five matches of girls that either did not want to reply or ones that seem determined on liking everything that he did not is a little fed up with the app. Not to say he has stopped trying with it.


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