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Thanks to a bet at the start of the year, Sam has gained a steadily worsening series of nicknames that have irreversibly stuck. This culminated in him being called “Spanky” in the middle of the forum (the engineering common room).


Shortly before we moved in Sam bet we couldn’t think of a nickname for him that he hadn’t heard before. How wrong could he be? As a group we deviated from the usual Samantha’s and Shorties to get a tiny bit more creative. (Poor Sam) this lead to spam, mostly as it rhymed. Then to be a full name we had Spam Hamkins for an even porkier feel. And due to a masterfully misheard comment on my part at the start on the year, Spam was transformed into Spanky. This has stuck for almost entire year. There’s still an occasional Amsay from pig Latin but Spanky became a truly rooted name for Sam, until that is Lydia had a brainwave; Spanky became Spankual (pronounced Spank you all) much to his horror.
I foresee this particular name going far!

Sam however is not the only one to have picked up a nickname or two. None of the rest of us are quite as embarrassingly named but here’s a little list.
Jacob: our overlord and master, or dictator Jacob. But we all have enough sense to just call him Jacob
Me: Mummy Jenny or Ennyjay
Muaaz: Caramel Cupid and Mrs Muaaz (due to an error on his post)
Lydia: Yldialay, Dia and Lyd
Stu: to be honest Stu is totally nickname free apart from his name pronounced as quickly as possible.

And we can definitely gain more nicknames next year as we’re going to have two Matts living with us. Hello confusion Central!


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