Welcome to the Straithnairneverse

We’re a house of Engineers, a Physicist and a Poetry student (a.k.a a civil engineer). Six students who’ve lived together for one very entertaining year. This blog has been set up at the request of our favourite nursing student. This last year has been very entertaining and practically a sitcom. We’re totally mad and I thought I’d share our special crazy with the world.

Thus far we’ve had: lots of graffiti, mostly on food items;  lots of baking of increasingly good pies and cannibal quiche (courtesy of Lydia); two failed cleaning rotas; a swear jar that made £100 in under a month; lots of dirty and racist jokes; a very loud smoke alarm caused by burning German coursework; a kettle friend now dead; a ridiculous list of rules; Girl guiding stickers everywhere and so much more.


evil bananas out for vengeance

Let me introduce to the house. Firstly there’s me. I’m Jenny and I’m one of the two girls present within the house. I study mechanical engineering (with German as I’m a glutton for punishment). I’ve got a reputation for being a bit of a cleaning freak and mothering everyone. I’m our master pie baker and occasionally go bleach crazy. I’m a scout leader and I was treasurer of SSAGS at the start of the year, so I leave lots of tents in the kitchen. Most importantly I’m an angry little Northern tea drinking girl.


food dyed milk (tasted BAD)

Next lets have Jacob: our very own twisted dictator. He’s flamboyantly evil but we all love him really. He’s an ardent cyclist and loves saw films. Master of the money and with more life experience than the rest of us put together, he’s definitely our father figure. He does our group shopping for us and is cheaper than cheap allowing all of us to live off £10 a week each when it comes to food. He is of course another mechanical engineer.


Organised and colour coded, shame it failed with one of the infamous girlguiding stickers

Next lets talk about Stu, Jacob’s shadow and secret lover. They’re training for the iron man together and always up for a good horror film. Especially if it means mentioning the human centipede while someone is eating. He’s actually very quiet and trying to get an opinion out of him can be like trying to get blood out of a stone.  He’s from a RAF family and he’s definitely going in that direction. Hes also Muaaz’s bit on the side, they’re the hot thing of the house hold.

swear jar

It made £100 in a month before we stopped it but it paid for Christmas dinner.

Seeing as I’ve mentioned him, let’s talk about Muaaz. Our resident metal head and “caramel cupid”. Hes always on hand with a filthy or racist joke and is ever so fond of his deathsticks (cigarettes). Hes got a brand new girlfriend who we think is very cute and hes ever so proud of. Most importantly he is a poetry student, I mean a civil engineer.

slut points

Aren’t we subtle? And why am I winning on real point?!?

Next comes Sam, our resident Mechanical engineering refresher. Sam has more time than the rest of us due to his refresher status so is very keen on his Gaming and Game of Thrones. Hes always after a girl and ever so unsuccessful. Hes the chilli fiend and one half of team insomniac.


Kettle friend after major sugery

Last but not least comes our one and only Physicist, Lydia. Shes crazy as a box of frogs and the other half of team insomniac. She’s an ardent reader and the designer of Cannibal quiche, so called after an unfortunate wording on the whiteboard for her cooking day. Lydia is a rainbows leader so the source of all the Girl Guiding stickers placed everywhere in the house. She was mad enough to move in with us having met only me and she agreed to it after having only met me three times. We’ll miss her next year when she moves to Toaster to play with lasers. Most importantly she hugs kettle friend at every opportunity, to death it seems.


Eggselent grafitti


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2 responses to “Welcome to the Straithnairneverse”

  1. Charlotte says :

    Your favourite nurse loves this so much!! I laughed so much- you’ve got everyone nailed to a t!! Looking forward to the next installment! 😀 love you guys xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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